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Not everyone can afford the educational fee structure to learn different skills. This takes away their chances of learning valuable information and developing a potential career to afford life necessities.

At Book Kart, we aim to give every individual the chance to learn beyond the realm of traditional schools and colleges. Now, teaching isn’t limited to four walls and a classroom. Our partnership with nonprofit partners like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Friends of the Libraries makes it possible to reach the goals we have set.

People looking to quench their knowledge-seeking thirst have always benefitted from Book Kart. Our organization is filled with long-time readers. Without a time-traveling machine, how can one travel to the past, present, or future?

Through books! Starting from the victorian era to an era of the future where everything operates with machines and artificial intelligence, explore different timelines, places, and lives of many people just by turning a book’s pages.

Books are full of valuable knowledge, and our motto of “Books are meant to be shared, not Discarded” proves the worth of every book. The books we donate are of every genre, ranging from novels to quantum physics.

These books don’t come to you in worn-out conditions. Instead, our company only distributes books that are well-kept and in excellent condition. Promoting a life-changing environment and working for the public’s benefit can never be done alone.

We require your help to change people’s lives and give them a benefitting direction to walk on. Helping increase the literacy rate and educating children and adults is our main priority and gives you a chance to spread positivity and growth in your community.

Seeking help from Book Kart and helping us to promote an environment of learning opens a lifelong journey of personal growth. We distribute a wide variety of books, music, and video games through our online shop.

  • Long time readers
  • Education does not end after school. It is just the beginning of a lifelong journey of personal growth
  • Books are meant to be shared not discarded.
  • How else can you travel through time, instantly explore new places or see the lives of many people than by opening a book.
  • We distribute a wide variety of books through our online shop

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