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Marta R.


The books I ordered online were in pristine condition. I am delighted and satisfied with my purchase. Looking forward to starting reading the novels and soak in every bit of knowledge from them. Have been waiting for these books to arrive and I’m glad that the order was delivered on time. Getting the chance to immerse myself in the world of the writer, their writing style, and the magical world they created will be an experience worth sharing with the other readers. Cheryl

Judy P.


The past few months had been difficult for me in finding a project management job. Losing hope wasn’t the perfect start I had imagined for the potentially bright future. I kept messing up the interviews with major firms and couldn’t find the problem to my solution. I had ordered the Decode and Conquer: Answers to Product Management Interviews from Book Kart because I had heard fantastic reviews from my peers about this book. I thought the used book would be a waste, but Book Kart is a known company, and I took a leap of faith. It’s safe to say I’m not disappointed with the book’s condition. Reading the book opened my eyes to the mistakes I made in my interviews and solutions to correct those mistakes. I love the book! Definitely actual value for money! -Nathan

James T.


My roommate and I read Book Kart’s initiative and decided to schedule a pickup and trade-in, both at the same time. The customer service representative contacted me the same day and gave me an okay for the scheduled pickup. We donated books and our unused CDs and XBOX games. The Book Kart team is great, and for our trade-in, I got Science Fiction and Mathematics books that I was looking for. Extremely happy with their service and work ethic. Will purchase more books in the future!

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