We partner with many libraries, organizations, an individuals around the world to maintain a large selection of products and promote literacy.It is to inform you that we do partner with many organizations, libraries, as well as,individuals all around the world so that we can have a great database of books, and we can contribute to the world’s literacy as much as possible.These partners really help us to increase our section and collection of books from a variety of genres.
Partner with Us:
There are certain factors, which we consider to make any partnership with you. The first criterion is that if you are an organization or individual, related to the educational field in any terms, we would like to partner with you to excel in the educational activities performed by you. If you are a non-profit organization promoting education by providing free books to needy ones, then we would love to partner with you in this mission. Moreover, if you are related to
literacy field in any terms, like playing your part to increase the rate of literacy, and if you are a non-profit literacy organization, which is reaching illiterate people in remote areas, and convincing people to make sure that their children get education, then you are eligible to become our partner. If you are a non-profit library, which is looking to enhance the habit of reading in people by providing them a variety of books, free of cost. Then we are here to make a
partnership with you so that we can work together to achieve this mission. If you have any organization, which has books related to media, toys, games, etc, then we would like to make a partnership with you. It is important to mention here that we are already helping different partner libraries, and here is the example of two partner libraries, as we are working collaboratively:
Current Partners:
Friends of the Teaneck Library:
Friends of the Paramus Library:
Contact Us
If you have read the above criteria, and you think that you align with these criteria in any regard, then do contact us. If you feel that our partnership can come up with positive results for the society, then don’t waste a minute, and get in touch with us at our official email address:

We are looking forward to listening from you…