Why it is important?

It is important for us to understand that when any kind of social work is being done for the benefit of the public and society, it cannot be achieved alone; rather it requires a collective effort. It is impossible to work in a social cause without the support of masses, because a social cause is larger in its spectrum, making an effect on society. We are an online book-selling store, but this is not the only thing that we have on our minds. Our concept of selling books is larger than a normal book store. We also want to make this world more literate and educated, so we look to contribute in this regard. But the fact of the matter is that we cannot achieve anything without support, and for this, we need your donations to keep moving in the right direction. So, it is extremely important to help us with your donations, because we need your support to accomplish our set goals and objectives. We have a vision in our mind that everyone should have easy access to books, especially children so that they can enjoy the world of books, enhancing their knowledge.

Who do we support?

It’s your right to know before making any kind of donations of who do we support as an online book store. Our first support is for the field of education. We want to support educational activities as much as possible, like if any children are deprived of education, just because they cannot afford books, then we are here to play our positive role. We would love to provide educational opportunities as well as required books to these needy children. Our second purpose is to improve the level of literacy. We strongly believe that it is everyone’s right to get at least basic education so that they can be considered literate. Our third major purpose to get donations from you is to support non-profit libraries. We want to see book-reading as an important habit to be developed in society, so we want to help libraries to increase their books database, and provide it freely to the public, so that they can enjoy reading books.

What do we accept?

It is essential for you to know that we accept a variety of donations like you can donate us books related to toys, movies, music, art, stories, and education, etc. We also accept Media such as CDs, DVDs, and Vinyl.

How and Where to Donate?

We accept all kinds of donations, and you can contact us directly at our email address: You will tell us about your donation and we will schedule a pick up from your place to collect your donations. We also have different partnered libraries, so you can contact us directly to get the list of partnered libraries near you, and you can deliver your donation at those libraries.

We are really looking forward to getting donations from you, as we believe that you would love to help us in our mission…